Tech Ecosystem Partners

Championing The Tech Ecosystem

Tech Ecosystem Partners play a pivotal role in supporting the work of the NH Tech Alliance and supporting its mission. These key partners understand the importance of supporting tech companies at every stage of growth and development in the state.

There is a mutual commitment among TEPs to build a vibrant tech ecosystem in NH through supporting the programs, events and initiatives of the Alliance throughout the state. This collaborative environment is where partnerships flourish and opportunities are created for New Hampshire’s tech professionals and stakeholders, and for the state as a whole.

A special thank you to our TEPs who play such a valuable role in supporting the NH Tech Alliance.

TEP Overview




Tech Ecosystem Partners (TEP) Opportunities

The Alliance has a Tech Ecosystem Partnership program that is designed to provide major sponsors a comprehensive, higher value package with greater visibility opportunities. We will work with you to craft a package that aligns with your interest across all of our sponsorship opportunities.

This program was created for sponsors who prefer to plan their engagement with the Alliance over the course of the year and includes a menu of value-added benefits that businesses can customize to meet their needs. Participants will be able to arrange their entire annual commitment in a one-time meeting. This program model eliminates duplicate solicitation and allows businesses to obtain maximum benefits for their investment in the Alliance.

Special Visibility Package – TEPs will receive ongoing promotion throughout the year.  This includes visibility all e-newsletters, recognition on the Alliance home page in order of level of sponsorship, and invitations to closed VIP events.

NHTA Annual Membership – As a TEP, your organization will receive a complimentary membership to the Alliance.  After all, membership is where it all starts.

Premium Event Sponsorship and Event Seating – Put your business in the spotlight!  As a TEP, you’ll be given early access to specific event sponsorship packages so you can make the most impact at Alliance events.  Additionally, if your organization decides to attend your sponsored events, we’ll extend premium seating for your table/party.

Single Solicitation and Commitment – NH Tech Alliance leadership will solicit your organization’s TEP participation annually and will follow up to report on your event and program scholarships.  This enables your organization to have a single NHTA point of contact who is knowledgeable about your sponsorship preferences and particulars.

Participants are also given their choice of flexible invoicing model – annual in advance, or semi-annual.

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