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Financial Planning and Modeling for Startups

Without strong financial planning, you can’t put your startup in the best position to succeed. But in a dynamic startup, a static budget will leave founders guessing. A comprehensive and adaptable financial model lays the groundwork for you to reach your business goals through accurate forecasting, in-depth scenario planning and proper expense management. Learn how

Begin 2022 with Everything in its Place: Managing your Family’s Legacy

As we kick off the New Year, let’s look at how we can be more organized to relieve some of the stress for all the roles we play.  As professional women, we are responsible for so many things – including much of the finances and administration for ourselves and our families. How can we use

Hiring and Job Hunting in the Virtual World

Job Hunting In Today’s Remote World Nearly two years ago the business world made a major transition & more companies than ever have decided to embrace the remote workforce. But