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NHTA Innovation Summit Day 2: Startup Panel

On Day 2 of the Innovation Summit we'll sit down with founders who are in the growth phase of their businesses. They'll discuss growth trends, the challenges along the way,  demand gen and more. Panelists: Kyle York, CEO & Managing Partner, York IE Heather Stokes, Co-Founder, COO, 4am Demand Matthew Guruge, CEO & Co-Founder, Awato

TechWomen Power Breakfast: Implement cost reductions while having 100% business connectivity

Each month throughout the year, an amazing group of women (and men) comes together to network, share inspirational stories, grow professionally and personally and bring awareness to what is possible for women today. Our breakfast series starts with networking via this innovative new platform followed by a presentation following. Learn more about the TechWomen|TechGirls initiative

NHTA Innovation Summit Day 3 – Past Entrepreneur of the Year Fireside Chat

Day 3 of the Innovation Summit is not one you’ll want to miss.  Three of the past Entrepreneur of the year recipients sit down with Emily Penaskovic to talk about leadership, their reasons for founding their companies in NH, the challenges they faced and advice for the next generation.  Panelists: Bob Wilkins, SoClean Rajesh Nair,

Financial Planning and Modeling for Startups

Without strong financial planning, you can’t put your startup in the best position to succeed. But in a dynamic startup, a static budget will leave founders guessing. A comprehensive and adaptable financial model lays the groundwork for you to reach your business goals through accurate forecasting, in-depth scenario planning and proper expense management. Learn how

ONLINE: Azure Automation and Update Management

Online event

Agenda:6:00 PM - 7:30 PM - Azure Automation and Update Management Abstract:This is an online-only meeting. Azure Automation delivers a cloud-based automation, operating system updates, and configuration service that supports consistent management across your Azure and non-Azure environments. It includes process automation, configuration management, update management, shared capabilities, and heterogeneous features. This session will deep

De-Biasing Techniques

Are you aware that 100% of people are biased but most do not know it? Research has shown that it is this unconscious implicit bias that causes discrimination and the “isms” that exist in society. This highly interactive workshop will help you understand how to de-bias yourself and show you how to embrace diverse people

NH Python Presentation Night: Finding a Shipwreck with GeoPandas

Online event

This month’s presentation with Heather Kusmierz is an introduction to working with geospatial data in Python using GeoPandas and folium. She'll introduce the basics of working with geospatial data including data models, common file formats, and some light theory on spatial reference systems and projections. Then a code demo to re-construct the search for a

NH UXPA December Meeting – Presenting UX Work Using Spontaneous Talks Frameworks

Online event

We know that articulating our design decisions or presenting the value of our user research to stakeholders can sometimes be a challenge. Spontaneous Talks Frameworks have been around for years. They are often taught at universities and are used to help people think of answers or tell stories fast and smart. Jen is going to

NRB General Meeting

Online event

******We are back to meeting in person, but will attempt to connect virtually for those who can't attend physically. The link for the virtual meetings will be posted on the NRB Slack. YOU NEED TO BE INVITED TO JOIN! Message me directly (AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE) with a request to join and I'll