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2019 TechWomen Luncheon

Membership Directory

Tech Alliance members range from early-stage startups through well-established businesses who are committed to growing the tech ecosystem and bringing attention to the great innovations coming out of the state. Through the Alliance, members are able to network, attend educational programs and events, find valuable resources and get the support they need to grow their tech company.

Membership Directory

With membership at nearly 300 organizations, representing nearly 50,000 employees, we are excited to continue expanding our scope of services and provide increasing value to tech companies and organizations around the state.

Membership tiers, dues, and associated benefits are based on annual revenue. The NH Tech Alliance Members are listed below in their respective membership tiers.


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2019 TEPs

Championing the Tech Ecosystem

Tech Ecosystem Partners play a pivotal role in supporting the work of the NH Tech Alliance and supporting its mission. These key partners understand the importance of supporting tech companies at every stage of growth and development in the state.

There is a mutual commitment among TEPs to build a vibrant tech ecosystem in NH through supporting the programs, events, and initiatives of the Alliance throughout the state. This collaborative environment is where partnerships flourish and opportunities are created for New Hampshire’s tech professionals and stakeholders, and for the state as a whole.

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Revenue > $500k

Member organizations with revenues of over $500k per year, annually.



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 $10M – $25M

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 $3M – $10M

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$500k – $3M

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Startups And Partners

Membership tiers for organizations with revenues of under $500k per year, or other partnerships and special membership programs.


 $0K – $500K

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Tech Ecosystem Partners

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The Alliance’s mission is to create connections, encourage growth and advocate for the sector as a whole, while still supporting individual businesses with our reach, our resources, and our voice. Learn more about becoming a member, or renew your membership.


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