Advancing A Vibrant NH Tech Ecosystem

The Alliance is committed to nurturing a vibrant tech ecosystem by building partnerships, enhancing knowledge and shaping public policy.

Value Pillars

The Alliance will assure long term effectiveness and efficiency by focusing all actions and activities through the lens of Four Value Pillars.


Talent & Workforce

The Alliance engages throughout the State to assure New Hampshire has sufficient human capital to address technology-related workforce needs well into the future.

Education & Program

Education & Programs

The Alliance offers educational and programming opportunities throughout the year that provide unique insights or interactive engagement that can positively impact members’ businesses.

Advocacy and Policy

Advocacy & Policy

The Alliance actively and consistently advocates on behalf of member-affirmed priorities before all appropriate government bodies.

Ecosystem Engagement

Ecosystem Engagement

The Alliance strives to be the primary convener and respected ‘go to resource’ for tech sector activities across New Hampshire.

Tech Alliance By The Numbers

The NH high tech industry is a diverse sector with a focus on many subject areas spanning industries such as information technology support/services, enterprise software, consulting, hardware, medtech, manufacturing, and education. 


Member Companies




NH GDP Generated
By The Tech Sector

CyberStates 2019

The State of Technology In NH according to Cyberstates 2019™; the definitive national, state, and city analysis of the U.S. tech industry and tech workforce.

Blog / News

June 26, 2020
Innovator Profile – Steven Graves
An interview with Steven Graves of Measured Air Performance. Your 30-second pitch: Carbon reduction and energy savings are critical objectives for virtually all companies. Lab buildings use 8 -10 times more energy than a commercial building. However, people have spent decades working on solutions to save energy in labs and to a large degree have
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March 18, 2020
Working from Home During a Time of Change
Unless you have been under a rock (which actually might be to your benefit as you read on) you’ve seen the global impact of Covid-19 also known as the Coronavirus.  New Hampshire, unfortunately, has not been absolved from the virus’s impact which has disrupted everything from schools to elderly care.  However, there is a unique
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March 9, 2020
COVID-19 Planning And Precautions
Like many organizations across the globe, the NH Tech Alliance staff and board has been carefully watching the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) developments. The health and safety of our staff and the public are our top priority.  We are monitoring government and public health officials for guidance, and listening to our members. In an effort to help
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Tech Ecosystem Partners

The Alliance has a Tech Ecosystem Partnership program that is designed to provide major sponsors a comprehensive, higher value package with greater visibility opportunities. We will work with you to craft a package that aligns with your interest across all of our sponsorship opportunities.