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The NH Tech Ecosystem

The NH tech sector encompasses a wide variety of technology fields, from information technology support/services, to energy technology, enterprise software, consulting, biotechnology and many more. Through our programs, events and initiatives across the state, the Alliance works to unite NH’s tech professionals and stakeholders and provide an environment where collaborations and partnerships flourish—driving growth for our workers, our industry and our state as a whole.

All Things Tech In NH


The NH Tech Alliance is a statewide technology association dedicated to supporting companies at every stage of growth and development – from startups to established leaders in the global economy. We are committed to nurturing a vibrant tech ecosystem in NH by building partnerships, enhancing knowledge and shaping public policy.

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NH Tech Alliance Impact

The tech industry in New Hampshire has a strong impact on the state’s economy, workforce and overall growth. The tech sector employs nearly 72,000 people and contributes close to $11.12 billion in NH’s GDP. The NH Center for Public Policy calls tech “the strongest engine of economic activity in New Hampshire.”

The Alliance’s mission is to create connections, encourage growth and advocate for the sector as a whole, while still supporting individual businesses with our reach, our resources and our voice. Being part of the NHTA means being part of something bigger – a network of organizations and individuals that can help you grow and advance your business. Check out our current list of members.

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Sponsorship At All Levels

Sponsorships provide direct support for Alliance programming and are designed to maximize visibility for the companies that provide this support. We offer a variety of individual sponsorship opportunities throughout the year as well as year long, value-added packages through our Tech Ecosystem Partners program.

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Value Pillars

The Alliance will assure long-term effectiveness and efficiency by focusing all actions and activities through the lens of Four Value Pillars.


Talent & Workforce

The Alliance engages throughout the State to assure New Hampshire has sufficient human capital to address technology-related workforce needs well into the future.

Education & Program

Education & Programs

The Alliance offers educational and programming opportunities throughout the year that provide unique insights or interactive engagement that can positively impact Members’ businesses.

Advocacy and Policy

Advocacy & Policy

The Alliance actively and consistently advocates on behalf of member-affirmed priorities before all appropriate government bodies.

Ecosystem Engagement

Ecosystem Engagement

 The Alliance strives to be the primary convener and respected ‘go-to resource’ for tech sector activities across New Hampshire.

Who We Are

The NH Tech Alliance is organized as a State of New Hampshire 501c6 Business Association and works with a 16 person Board of Directors made up of accomplished business leaders from across the state.

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