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Ascending Leaders in Tech

Sharpen your skills. Make great connections. Advance your career. 

6 sessions from September 2024 to March 2025

What makes a great leader?

Is it mentality? Technical aptitude? Business know-how? The real answer: all of the above.

NHTA’s Ascending Leaders in Tech is an interactive, hands-on program designed for technical professionals to grow their leadership skills. Our 6-class course provides existing and emerging leaders with an opportunity to refine their skills, connect with influential tech executives and maximize their impact in the tech industry.

Check out the list of participants in our first cohort.

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What Is Ascending Leaders in Tech?

Ascending Leaders in Tech is a 6-class course hosted by the New Hampshire Tech Alliance. Participants will meet in person at various locations throughout New Hampshire where you will learn about the local tech economy in addition to the course content. The six day-long sessions will take place in September – December 2024,  February and March 2025.  

Who Should Apply?

The course is designed for New Hampshire tech professionals in leadership positions or those who aspire to be in a leadership position. This includes professionals working for any size company as well as entrepreneurs. Participants can work for a NH company or be a remote employee.

What Will I Learn?

The program focuses on building diverse skills across relationship management, finance, mental resilience and leadership excellence.

What About Networking?

Accomplished tech executives will act as advisors throughout the course. By the end of the program, participants will have a built-in network of influential leaders across the state.

Who are the facilitators and advisors?

See the list of names below. More names are added all the time so check back often!

What is the time commitment?

Classes will be held in September, October, November, December, February, and March. Each day will run approximately from 10-4. There will occasionally be an evening social event.  The times may vary a bit from month to month.

Program Fee

NHTA Members: $2,200

Non-Members: $3,000

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Advisors and Facilitators

Jeremy Hitchcock

New North Ventures, Dyn, Minim, Orbit Group

Paul Mailhot

Big Network, ARMI, Global Rescue, Dyn, Oracle

Heather Lavoie

Geneia, Middleway Group, Illume Advisors

Bob Goldstein

Single Digits Inc, Double Digits Advisory Services

Julie Trainor

Dell, Single Digits, OpenText

Janelle Gorman

York IE, Oracle, Dyn, TRM Microwave

Jason Syversen

Siege Technologies, 10X Venture Partners, SportsVisio

Jeromy Grimmett

Rogue Space Systems, CloudBrix

Bob Wilkins

SoClean, AirTank

Kate Campbell

York IE

Laurel Boivin

Flux + Flow Professional Coaching

Sam Corbitt

SportsVisio, Siege Technologies

James McKim

Organizational Ignition

Colleen Cone

Comcast, Skillsoft, Dyn

Gary Sloper

Macronet Services, Oracle, Dyn

Ryan Robinson

Mainstay Technologies


Carla Vanderhoof


Jason Golden

Mainstay Technologies

David Cist

Geophysical Survey Systems

Richard Ackerman

Red River

Kelley Kage


Hillary Halleck

Mikros Technologies

Shannon Herrmann

Alexander Technologies Group

Jason Gagnon


Kyle York

York IE

Phil Magnuszewski

Infused Innovations

Rajesh Nair

Encube Labs

Karen Fitzgerald

Public Speaking Coach

Mike Veilleux

York IE

Steve Devries

Focal Point Coaching

Joe Raczka

York IE

Rebecca Woods

Bluebird Leaders


Program Schedule

The Ascending Leaders in Tech course will feature six sessions. Each session will focus on a different aspect of the leadership skillset. 
During the sessions, participants will work with advisors: well-established, successful tech industry leaders who will share their expertise and insights from their leadership journey.

Day 1: Orientation

Get to know your fellow attendees, advisors — and yourself. Participants will meet their new colleagues and conduct personal strength assessments to better define their leadership goals.

Day 2: Building Relationships

No leader succeeds alone. From hiring strategies to managing conflicts to developing culture, participants will learn how to maximize their most important assets — their people. We’ll dive into DEI, what it means, why it’s important and how to incorporate specific practices into your businesses.

Day 3: Finance & Budgeting

Whether you like it or not, every tech leader is judged on the bottom line. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of budgeting, forecasting, revenue recognition and vendor management.

Day 4: Mental Resilience

Leadership requires sustained excellence. No one can escape burnout, but our advisors will discuss strategies to identify and mitigate burnout in themselves and colleagues while discovering resources that help build healthy work habits.

Day 5: The Executive Mindset 

Tech leaders have to be versatile and plugged in. This session will help participants master the finer elements of leadership, from public speaking to thought leadership and confidence building.

Day 6: Leadership Impact

Emerging leaders have the potential to expand New Hampshire’s growing tech footprint. Our final session will cover how participants can contribute to a more connected and robust tech industry that benefits the entire state.

Interested in becoming a Leader in Tech?

Participant Requirements:

    • Must be a resident of New Hampshire or work for a company in New Hampshire
    • Must be a technology professional with a minimum of  5-7 years of progressive experience in a tech role
    • Must be a leader or aspiring leader who is eager to grow and learn personally and professionally
    • A selected group of applicants will be chosen to participate in an interview with the selection committee.  The committee will then choose the final cohort
    • There is no application fee to apply

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