Advancing NH’s Life Sciences
Innovation Ecosystem

New Hampshire’s dynamic life sciences industry is at the forefront of developing life-saving services, treatments, drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, research and advanced health technologies. BioMed|Tech brings this sector together with academia and government for the advancement of innovative solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s medical needs.


Our mission is to contribute to New Hampshire’s Tech ecosystem by engaging the BioMedTech sector, connecting them with resources, partners, and talent to help grow the industry in the Granite State.  The scope of the BioMedTech committee includes biotechnology, tissue engineering, pharmaceutical, medical devices, digital health, and general health technologies.  The objective is to provide industry-specific services, programs, and support to NH’s ever-growing ecosystem of health-centric companies.  NH is part of an extraordinary, world-leading life sciences ecosystem with qualities of a small state with many rural communities.  The BioMedTech Committee brings this sector together in a community of industry, academic, and government members for the advancement of innovative solutions to meet current and future medical needs.