Meet our 2015 Innovators of the Week!

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We have enjoyed interviewing innovative entrepreneurs across the state of New Hampshire. There is so much to be learned from each one of them. Every innovator has a unique story and obstacles they’ve had to overcome. The question is, how will they inspire you?

Hear some excellent advice, captivating stories, as well as shared love for our incredible state of New Hampshire, in our 2015 roundup. Congratulations to all our 2015 Innovators of the Week!

Meet: Garrett Cypher

Garrett Cypher

Meet: Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson

Meet: BizGen


Meet: Vineet Bansal

Vineet Bansal

Meet: Andy Hebert

Andy Hebert

Meet: Jim Kelly

Meet: Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!)

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Meet: Lisa Schwartz

Lisa Schwartz

Meet: Rick Ouellette

Rick Ouellette

Meet: Jake Reisch

Jake Reisch

Meet: Ray Pasquale

Ray Pasquale

Meet: Game Assembly

Game Assembly

Meet: Lauryn Schimmel

Lauryn Schimmel

Meet: Sarah Hartwick

Sarah Hartwick

Meet: Charles Denault

Charles Denault

Meet: Vince Berk

Vince Berk

Meet: Ken Mason

Ken Mason

Meet: Brannen Huske

Brannen Huske

Meet: Ned Hill

Ned Hill

Meet: John Maguire

John Maguire

Meet: Eric Ely

Eric Ely

Meet: Janice Leahy

Janice Leahy

Meet: Jake Reder
Jake Reder

Meet: Neal Laurenza

Neal Laurenza

Meet: Todd Kozikowski

Todd Kozikowski

Meet: Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter

Meet: Ryan McCann

Ryan McCann

Meet: Zach Luse
Zach Luse

Meet: Maria Edvalson

Maria Edvalson

Meet: Jack O’Toole

Jack O'Toole

Meet: Mike Laracy

Mike Laracy

Meet: Jeff Kelley

Jeff Kelley

Meet: Joel Robinson 

Joel Robinson

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