NHTA and CS4NH Alliance

The New Hampshire Tech Alliance (Alliance) and Computer Science for New Hampshire (CS4NH) entered into an alliance in early 2018 to collaborate on a common goal of ensuring that more NH students are able to access basic computer skills and programming opportunities as K-12 students. The Alliance will support the CS4NH effort as a partner and is excited about the momentum to date.

Established in 2016, CS4NH is a coalition that works to increase access to and participation in Computer Science educational opportunities for K-12 students in New Hampshire. CS4NH is run by a steering committee that includes members representing organizations such as the Community College System of NH, the NH Charitable Foundation, the NH Department of Education, the Alliance, the NH House of Representatives, North Country Education Services and UNH. CS4NH believes that Computer Science education empowers individuals to be informed citizens capable of engaging in critical discussions, to develop as lifelong learners and users of knowledge, to better understand the role computing plays in the world and enables them to learn, perform and express themselves in other fields of interest.

The alliance between the Alliance and CS4NH brings the organizations together to support education and training programs to enhance the tech workforce and maximize the impact of work in these areas. CS4NH working group reports into the Alliance’s Workforce Development Committee and working to define human capital challenges, develop action plans to address identified challenges and tracking progress towards goals, all with the support of the Alliance.