Financing a Startup

Your startup has grown to a point where you need some funding. Below we explain the different types of funding and the steps you should take.

Friends and Family

For most startups, this is often the best place to start when seeking to raise cash. (In fact, many investors will want to see that you have already been able to raise money from those who know you best).


Do you have an idea that would appeal to others, but hasn’t been fleshed out for investors yet? Crowdfunding is a great way for you to raise money from large groups of people so that you can test and launch your idea.

Loans and Hybrid Funding

Did you know there are many loan opportunities beyond the traditional bank financing and credit card funding options that many businesses turn to first? Check out these loan and hybrid funding options that may be available to you throughout the state.

Belknap Economic Development Council

Capital Regional Development Council

Coastal Economic Development Corporation

Coos Economic Development Corporation

Grafton Regional Development Corporation

Monadnock Economic Development Corporation

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

NH Business Finance Authority

Regional Economic Development Center

Stafford Economic Development Corporation

Wentworth Economic Development Corporation



Angels and VC’s

Before you start reaching out to prospective angel investors and venture capital firms, have you completed each of the steps above? Once you have raised funds on your own, and have fleshed out your business model, pitch deck, and related requirements, the best way to connect with angels and VC’s is through a direct referral.

10X Venture Partners

Alumni Ventures

Ecoast Angels

FreshTracks Capital

Golden Seeds

Harbor Light Capital

Hypertherm Ventures


Lear Capital Partners

Maine Angels

New Day Ventures

Orbit Group

Pipeline Angels

Rines Fund

SLC Group Holdings

Ulysses Holdings

Wasabi Ventures

Vested for Growth

York IE