Diversity Equity and Inclusion Role Fundraiser

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The present realities of social injustice in the US have shined a light on the lack of diversity and equity in the technology sector and on the inequitable access to technology (broadband, computers, affordable connectivity, etc.) 

The Alliance is committed to addressing these inequities by leading the charge in promoting diversity and equity in the workforce and supporting efforts to make technology more accessible to all people in New Hampshire. The technology sector in New Hampshire represents more than 13% of the state’s GDP, this significant contribution to the economy positions the sector to be able to institute meaningful change. This cannot be achieved without a thoughtful, sustainable, and transformational strategy and vision for diversity, equity and inclusion within our sector and the state.  After several meetings and roundtable discussions the Alliance concluded that a dedicated staff resource would be the best way to focus on gathering data, relationship building within underserved communities, strategy development, goal setting and development of an implementation roadmap to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the sector. 

Our Goal Is $200,000

This will cover personnel expenses for two years.

The Alliance’s 501c3 charitable Supporting Organization called the NH Tech Foundation has secured an initial commitment for $10,000 per year or two years. Donations to the foundation in support of this effort are tax deductible.

Can you support this effort with a pledge?
Contact Julie Demers to discuss.

This role requires an experienced, mid-to-senior level person. Anticipated responsibilities include: 

  • Create and maintain relationships within underserved communities and the state and non-profit agencies that serve them
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the specific needs of NHTA members related to their adoption and implementation of DEI initiatives in their businesses.
  • Translate the Alliance’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion aspiration and strategy into programmatic outcomes and an implementation roadmap.
  • Track and measure progress towards defined programmatic outcomes and goals, with specific KPI’s included that will help member companies evaluate their progress.
  • Serve as the Alliance’s staff liaison to the workforce development committee, CS4NH initiatives and any other committees actively focusing on DE&I and workforce development efforts 
  • Build and execute ongoing stakeholder management and communication plans to engage stakeholders effectively and share the right messages at the right time
  • Support and implement programs that encourage underserved youth to enter tech careers
  • Position the NHTA as the thought leader in the tech community as it relates to understanding DEI issues and proactive engagement with all tech constituents looking to bring about meaningful change in their organizations.