Alpha Loft

NHHT partner Alpha Loft

Alpha Loft incubates and accelerates startup and early-stage companies in NH, creating an entrepreneurial culture of growing companies.

We are very pleased to say that in January 2018, the Council and Alpha Loft entered into an alliance agreement with the goal of integrating Alpha Loft into the Council by year’s end. Bringing the two organizations together will help the Council support the complete spectrum of companies within our sector – from start-ups through large companies, and create more opportunities for partnerships and growth across our ecosystem.

Under the agreement, Alpha Loft will continue to provide high value programming, events, advice, and mentoring to help improve entrepreneurs prospects for successfully launching and scaling innovation-based businesses. Alpha Loft’s success means a strong entrepreneurial culture in NH, creating companies and high quality jobs. In addition to high value programming, events, advice, and mentoring.

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