TechWomen Annual Luncheon

TechWomen Annual Luncheon

Honoring role models in the NH Tech Ecosystem

At this annual event, a luminary keynote speaker addresses a dynamic crowd of approximately 250 female technologists, entrepreneurs and business leaders as the Alliance honors the “TechWoman” of the Year, “TechEducator” of the Year and “TechStudent” of the Year.

TechWomen Luncheon 2017
TechWomen Luncheon 2017

2019 Event Details

The 2019 TechWomen Annual Luncheon will be Wednesday, April 3, 2019, at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH. Register for the event.

Access the 2019 nomination form here to nominate an individual for “TechProfessional”, “TechTeacher” or “TechStudent” of the Year. 

Interested in Getting Involved?

There is a TechWomen Luncheon committee.

Contact Shannon Herrmann at for more information on event sponsorship.

2018 TechWomen Luncheon

Three distinguished women with the designations of TechStudent, TechProfessional and TechTeacher of the Year were honored at the annual TechWomen|TechGirls Awards Luncheon at the Bedford Village Inn on Wednesday, April 4.

The annual event honors women who work in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) who have advanced the role of women and girls in New Hampshire’s technology sector. The event also featured a keynote address by Jessica Gelman, CEO of Kraft Analytics Group.

“We’re so pleased to honor these three individuals. They have all made incredible strides in their fields, not only for women, but for all. They serve as role models for others who desire to have an impact on the role women and girls play in our state’s continually growing and flourishing technological environment,” said Shannon Herrmann, chair of the annual luncheon committee and senior recruiting manager with Alexander Technology Group.

TechWomen Luncheon 2018

Congrats to the following women honored at the 2018 Annual Luncheon:

Meera Kurup was named TechStudent of the Year

Edna Conway was named TechProfessional of the Year.

Petra Bonfert-Taylor was named 2018 TechTeacher of the Year

Read more about the women honored at the 2018 Annual Luncheon.