The NH Advantage

Business climates vary significantly from state to state. When analyzed closely, New Hampshire is regularly ranked as a great place to do business, be an innovator and entrepreneur, and a great place to “stay, work and play.” According to the 2010 New Hampshire Science and Technology Plan, “New Hampshire’s success at creating a favorable business climate for high technology companies is not a one-time occurrence. The state has long provided an attractive business environment for businesses generally, and high technology companies specifically.”

Some indicators are as follows:
— New Hampshire has the lowest personal tax burden in the nation, with residents paying an average of about 13 percent of income in taxes and fees – Federation of Tax Administrators

— New Hampshire’s strong position in high technology industries – consistently ranking in the top 20 percent of states in high technology industry concentration – has brought numerous tangible benefits to the state, including significantly raising the standard of living for New Hampshire residents as a whole – NH Science and Technology Plan

— New Hampshire ranks number one nationally in the Livability Index.  This index is a combination of eight different national quality of life rankings. Each is weighted evenly and the total rankings are summed up.  The categories include Standard of Living, Most Livable State, Safest State, Child and Family Well-being, Healthiest State, % Population Graduated High School, and Per Capita Income – Stay Work Play Livability Index