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Andy Hebert
Founder & CEO at AuthEntry




Please provide your 30-second pitch about your company.

AuthEntry LogoAuthEntry is the leader in the Identity Access and Password Protection space. We have developed the first and only solution on the market that replaces static passwords and password managers with Dynamically Generated passwords that can’t be hacked, stolen, misplaced or intercepted by hackers and data thieves. Our Password-less Computing Platform installs in minutes, cuts IT costs and makes your business environment more secure while making employees more productive.


Who or what was your best resource for starting your company?

AuthEntry at TechOut 2015
AuthEntry at TechOut 2015

I have been in the software security industry for over 20 years and along the way I have forged many great relationships that have turned into my trusted group of mentors that have helped guide my vision for AuthEntry. So even though we are a small software company with a handful of employees, we are constantly getting support and input from a lot of different resources in all phases of the business. In addition, most recently we have had great backing and mentoring from our local community of supporters including NH High Tech Council and The Alpha Loft.


What was your biggest obstacle in starting your company and how did you overcome it?

Our biggest obstacle has been positioning. Early on we were looked at as a password manager, which we are not. We eliminate the need to use, remember or store passwords and make it easier for businesses to secure systems and accounts while making the employees happier and more productive by using Dynamically Generated passwords for every account login. What could be more secure, or easier than that? Once businesses gave us a chance to prove our value is when we began to overcome those types of obstacles and objections.


What’s the best advice you have received?

Andy Hebert Presenting at TechOut 2015 Pitch Night
Andy Hebert Presenting at TechOut 2015 Pitch Night

We receive and welcome advice as a chance to test the market to find out what people are really thinking and adjust as needed. One notable piece of advice was from an investment group that told us to choose a path of consumer or business markets and at the end of the day the business market has paid off the best as we are bringing on new business customers every week. Additionally, growing your mentors and circle of influence to gain perspective and advice is priceless in any business endeavor and not only helps you round out your offering, but helps you grow as a leader.


What about the NH lifestyle appeals to you?

Everything… The people, community and businesses here all want to see you succeed and we have been very well received in NH and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


What does the future look like for your company? 

The future looks very GOOD! We haven’t even scratched the surface on a potential multi-million dollar industry that we are in. We spoke to Gartner Analysts recently and they told us that our solution could in fact forge a whole new segment in the market. You can’t get any better feedback than that. We are truly pioneers with what we have developed.


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