Be recognized as a Champion for Alpha Loft and the NH Startup Ecosystem

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By Kristen Crawford, director of development and entrepreneurship network, Alpha Loft

Make a pledge to Alpha Loft’s NH Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) grant project by June 30 and your company will receive at least 75% of your pledge back in NH business tax credits, with some receiving closer to 100%. In early 2018, Alpha Loft entered into an alliance agreement with the NH Tech Council and we are working together to create a strong ecosystem for NH companies in all stages of growth to support our economy. This is a great opportunity to maximize the benefit of your donation dollars in 2018.

For your pledge, you will also receive recognition as a sponsor of Alpha Loft.

This grant project through the CDFA is to fund a strategic planning process to provide a clear path for the future with regards to how Alpha Loft can make a larger impact on the NH economy and startup ecosystem, how the organization can best serve startup founders in the state and can help identify sustainable funding and revenue generation opportunities. Alpha Loft is seen as a leader in the startup ecosystem in NH, which is a critical component to long-term economic development in the state, and is working to continue these efforts in the strongest way possible.

By pledging to purchase tax credits, you are showing your strong support for the startup ecosystem. In return, you receive a credit on NH BET, BPT, and IPT taxes as well as sponsorship recognition for Alpha Loft. According to the CDFA, most organizations will only pay 11 cents on the dollar for the investment, and the tax credits can be carried forward for up to five years. You can choose the amount of tax credits you would like, along with when you would like to be invoiced.

For more information, view our flier, contact Alpha Loft at or reach out to me directly at