Where Is FlowTraq Now? Innovator Update.

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Vince Berk - FlowTraqInnovator of the Week – Where Are They Now?

Vince Berk
Co-Founder and CEO of FlowTraq




What We’ve Learned (since our first Innovator of the Week profile)

FlowTraq Network Security Tool

Big brands and education institutions are trusting FlowTraq to help them understand the traffic on their network. Why? Because we do all the cool things with NetFlow to protect your network and we never stop innovating.

FlowTraq is a security visibility tool that enables (network) security operators to hunt for threats, discover data leaks, spot hacker-controlled systems, and investigate security breaches. Using a combination of granular behavioral profiling, threat intelligence, and big data analytics.

What’s more, DDoS attacks have not stopped and we haven’t either. Between 2015-2016 the Akamai reports a 71% increase the total number DDoS attacks.  In 2017, we see these attacks already increasing in size and complexity.  FlowTraq helps manage the mitigation of these attacks, so big sites stay online despite the bad guys trying harder every year.


Our Big Move

In February 2017, we moved our headquarters to Manchester, NH.  We are thrilled to be part of the growth of the Millyard tech scene. We want to keep MHT on the map for where tech companies move and grow. We are already doing more with the technology ecosystem here and getting to know our neighbors. You will certainly be seeing us at the local High Tech Council and Alpha Loft events. We will also be hosting an event this spring so you can see our new digs!  (ie. free drinks)

Exciting Growth

FlowTraq is made up of a really smart team. We have three Ph.D.’s on the team, ranging from big-data experts to leaders in the security space. We most recently expanded our sales department, hiring former Dyn/Oracle VP sales Josh Delisle to continue to develop our impressive customer list. We also brought our marketing department in-house. As we continue to the grow the FlowTraq team, we know we are in a city with a great talent pool!

Customer Education

Our customers trust and love our tool, but we never stop improving it. We have a product update every quarter. Our most recent update was a large one, rolling out comprehensive emailed reports among other new features.

We are always working to improve security on computer networks. If you care about security, download our latest guide to keeping your network free of zombie botnets.

What’s Ahead

Beyond local meetups, we plan on meeting our customers this year through our newly-developed roadshow. This will allow us more face time with customers and opportunity to educate security teams.

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