NH Tech Alliance Raises $25,000 during NH Gives to support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in NH’s Tech Sector

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The NH Tech Alliance recently announced the launch of a  501 (c) 3 Charitable organization called the NH Tech Foundation, whose primary mission is to champion and support innovation and entrepreneurship while creating career pathways in technology for the next generation and underrepresented populations. 

Recent instances of social injustice as well as the pandemic have further highlighted the tech sector’s history of a lack of DEI in employment, engagement, and representation; as well as inequitable access to modern technology such as broadband.  The technology sector in New Hampshire represents more than 13% of the state’s GDP, this significant contribution to the economy positions the sector to be able to institute meaningful change. Because of this, the Alliance set a goal to raise funds through the foundation for a dedicated staff person that will focus on gathering data, relationship building within underserved communities, strategy development, goal setting and development of an implementation roadmap to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the sector. 

The Alliance’s participation in the NH Gives campaign was its first public fundraising effort. The Pierson Family Foundation generously committed to a $10k matching grant for funds raised during the effort. Matt Pierson, who currently serves as Managing Director at Dun Rush & Co and a co-founder of Kincern, Inc. is a longtime supporter of NH’s tech ecosystem and past Chair of NHHTC/NHTA.  

Pierson has been working directly with Alliance staff to support their effort to lead the charge in promoting diversity and equity in the workforce and supporting efforts to make technology more accessible to all people in New Hampshire. In addition to support rendered through the NH Gives campaign, the effort is also being funded by the Entrepreneurs Fund of NH and a long list of individual donors from within the sector. 

Julie Demers, the Alliances executive director, noted that “Our participation in NH Gives and the support from individuals within the sector gets us one step closer to a sustainable, and transformational strategy and vision for diversity, equity and inclusion within our sector and the state.  It is so encouraging to see that so many people share this vision and want to help us get there.”