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Kicking off the first week of our Member Monday series is an interview with our member Trusted Internet LLC., a managed security service provider (MSSP) based in New Boston. We interviewed founder and CEO Jeff Stutzman to learn more about Trusted Internet’s recent accomplishments and how the business is making a positive impact on the lives of veterans by training them to become cyber security analysts. To learn more about Trusted Internet visit their website at and check out the interview below. 

Every week, we will be spotlighting members of NHTA to bring awareness to the entrepreneurs, businesses and innovators of New Hampshire’s expansive tech community. Be on the lookout every Monday for an opportunity to learn more about the exceptional members of the Alliance. 

Why was NH chosen as the home of your company/branch? What do you love about New Hampshire? 

NH is home! The company is largely virtual in nature, but HQ is New Boston.

What are some recent accomplishments or milestones of your company? 

Trusted Internet is a self-funded, profitable from day one managed security services company. In our second year of business, we were named number 160 out of the top 200 companies ranked (globally) by MSSP Alert, and in our third year, number 148, competing with larger, funded companies.

Trusted Internet has created a one-stop-shop system for complying with the Department of Defense’s cyber security requirements (CMMC), and has completed the upgrades of several companies. 

We continue to be called upon for ransomware protection. Our suite of tools has been highly effective in protecting companies from multiple strains of malware. In fact, this week we responded to, and protected a company from DarkSide; the ransomware used against Colonial Pipeline and JBS Meats.

What new and exciting things do you have planned? Or tell us a fun fact about the company?

The company was originally started as an opportunity for my daughter and I to bond, and to teach her about entrepreneurship. She’s since moved away from the company, but with every investor wanting to buy the company (there have been several), she reminds me that she thinks she should receive her cut 🙂

Please tell us about your Cyber Vet Program.

Last year, we were awarded the 2020 HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion Award as a result of our training for transitioning veterans. Our program is offered during an active duty members’ Transition Assistance Program (TAP) education while transitioning out. To date, we’ve offered over 200 veterans free cyber security training, with 10 vets being trained at any given time. Our first graduates are expected to transition into the on-the-job training portion of their training in the coming weeks. The program is Department of Labor and VA approved, allowing the use of the GI Bill by the veteran to offset housing costs during training. 

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