Relevancy, Reach & Return

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Toral CowiesonIt’s an exciting time to be part of the New Hampshire tech ecosystem — and to be part of the New Hampshire High Tech Council!

As the newly elected Chair, I have the privilege of working with the Board and our membership to build on the solid foundation put in place under Paul Mailhot’s leadership over the past three years.

While much will remain familiar in terms of events and programming, this is also an opportunity for reflection. The Board, including our five recently elected members, convened in mid-June for an Action Planning session to take a look at the New Hampshire tech ecosystem. We asked ourselves a number of questions, including:

  • Who are the stakeholders in the broader ecosystem?
  • What are the actions we would like, expect, and love to see with these stakeholders?
  • What are we currently doing to support those outcomes?
  • What can we do differently moving forward?

Three immediate areas for focus include:

  • Relevancy: Clearer articulation of the value proposition across all levels within our membership from staff through senior management
  • Reach: Broadening the view of the tech ecosystem from being Manchester-centric to recognizing technology hubs across the state, including in Portsmouth, Durham, and Nashua
  • Return: Demonstrating a clear return for our members and for the state as an attractive place to do business

While the Action Planning work will clearly inform our 2017 planning, it will also be the basis for convening an annual State of the Tech State discussion with you, our members. This in turn will validate planning and allow us to pivot for the long term to support your priorities in this evolving and exciting landscape.

In the interim, thanks for your ongoing partnership with us. If there’s anything we can do, please reach out at