Spaceport Laconia – New Hampshire we have an opportunity

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By Jeromy Grimmett, CEO of Rogue Space

Hello, my name is Jeromy Grimmett, and while my story starts in the bayous of Louisiana, over the past ten years my family and I have been proud to call the Granite State our home. In 2019, when I walked out of the MIT Space Conference in Boston, I called my partner Ryan and said, “We’re selling our company and going to Space.” Even then, I knew that Laconia would be the launching pad of our success.

Three years later, Rogue was selected to receive over $2.75 million in Small Business Technology Transfer grant funding from the US Space Force’s SpaceWERX Orbital Prime initiative. Rogue has raised additional investments from strategic space venture capital firms and entered several transformational partnerships with some of the most dynamic and innovative defense contractors on the planet, including Bell Textron, SAIC, and Draper to name a few. To help cultivate space education in the area, we successfully cultivated a partnership between Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group (BURPG), the Laconia Airport, and the town of Gilford, NH. The partnership allows BURPG to test rocket engines on airport land, and in turn the students visit the schools to teach about space, rocket science and promote STEM education.

Why you care, and why Rogue’s success is being shared with you today, is because three years from now, in 2025, New Hampshire will have an opportunity, and together we can seize this opportunity for all Granite Staters. By 2025, Rogue Space envisions New Hampshire as being the leading destination for satellite, software, and precision robotic manufacturing businesses focused on the New Space Economy. More importantly, we’ve saved you a front row seat to New Hampshire’s economic journey to the cosmos.

While two and three-quarters of a million dollars in grants is not a lot of money, the largest trees grow from the smallest seeds. With this seed funding Rogue Space is poised to accomplish record-breaking growth over the next 36 months:

• Q4 2022 – Rogue is launching our first Orbot™ (Orbots™ are what we call our robots that we send to orbit in space), Barry-1, to space
• Q1 2023 – Rogue anticipates doubling our staff in Laconia to support our US Space Force contracts
• Q1-2 2023 – Rogue will launch three more of our proprietary Orbots™, Barry-2, Barry-3 and Laura-1
• Q3 2023 – Based on the successful launch and execution of Orbots™ Laura-1 and Barry-3, Rogue will again double our staff to over three dozen, well-paying, high-tech jobs and expand into additional design and prototyping facilities in Laconia
• Q1 2024 – Rogue Space will be valued at over $300M dollars and on track to grow into a multi-billion dollar, Laconia grown enterprise by 2030.
• Q1 2025 – Breaking ground on “Spaceport Laconia,” a space-industrial complex to be the home of new and expanding space and aerospace businesses and provide facilities for their employees whose mission is to build, maintain, and operate the most cutting-edge technology and robotics in Space

Everyone at Rogue is aware that this is a bold and audacious plan. Yes, there will be bumps along the way. However, by working together, Rogue can achieve great things for the community, the children and school districts, and generations of New Hampshirites who embrace the ethos of “Live Free or Die” trying. Rogue, together with our state and local communities, is not only going to try and turn New Hampshire into the premier destination for New Space businesses–we are going to succeed. I’ve long said that “New Hampshire is the center of all things space… The world just doesn’t know it yet…”

In the meantime, thank you for your support, prayers, and interest. To learn more about how Rogue Space is transforming robotics in the New Space Economy in your backyard and beyond, visit us at or call 603-460-5069 to arrange a meeting with the team.