The Workforce Development Committee was established by the Council Board to help the Council address the need to ensure that New Hampshire has sufficient human capital to address technology-related workforce needs. This includes the need for experienced workers, supporting retraining and additional educational opportunities and pipelines, the need to retain college students in the workforce, and the need to ensure that tech-related skills are available as appropriate at the K-12 level.

The committee strives to include representatives from human resources departments, institutions of higher education, experts in workforce and economic development, and other leaders from the Council membership that have an interesting in growing New Hampshire’s tech workforce.

The committee also looks to support education and training programs that enhance the tech workforce through promotion, advocacy and information sharing. Last the committee works closely with the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs and regularly receives and reviews reports related to the tech workforce and associated trends in hiring, compensation, and other related issues.

NH High Tech Council - Education