Fabio Esposito: The Success of Solidscape

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Fabio Esposito President and CEOFabio has spent more than two decades growing high-tech companies while following his passion to help businesses be more competitive through the adoption of disruptive technologies.




SolidScape LogoAs an engineer from Italy, Fabio has always been involved with bleeding-edge technologies. He has worked with vision inspection systems, artificial intelligence, telephone communications, and now, high-precision 3D printers. At technology companies in Italy, Germany and USA, Fabio identified new market opportunities, developed global businesses, and brought new solutions to from innovative concept to final product.

Fabio described taking on a new leadership role as “liberating and empowering.” In particular, he has enjoyed the ability to stay true to his own vision and do things his way. Fabio explained, “Ultimately you own the success and failures that refine your focus, and it helps build a greater sense of purpose.”



In 2007, Fabio attended a roadshow event in Europe that showcased the current jewelry manufacturing techniques. As Solidscape demonstrated their extremely precise 3D printing, Fabio knew immediately that this “mind-blowing” technology could have a major impact on jewelry manufacturing and other specific markets. This focus on verticals eventually led to a powerful shift from being a technology-driven company to being a customer-centric, marketing based company.

It hasn’t been easy. “Here I am, an Italian living in New Hampshire trying to grow a global business and reinvent a manufacturing process that has been the same for ‘only’ 4,000 years,” Fabio shared. “Getting to over 60 partners serving customers in 80 countries has been a tremendous challenge, but also an infinitely rewarding experience.”

2015 Solidscape Shipping Day-3Fabio credits being located in New Hampshire as a contributor to Solidscape’s success. “New Hampshire gave us a unique combination of local investors and access to a highly skilled technical workforce knowledgeable in advanced 2D printing and scanning technology.” He also pointed out, “The company’s original 3D printing jetting technology as well as material chemistry was actually developed right here in New Hampshire.”

The support he received from state and local governments played a role as well. Fabio stated, “No state income tax and the exceptional quality of life here in New Hampshire allowed us to keep and attract great people that have fueled our growth.” He advised, “Get involved in the community and government; it will really pay off for your company. This comes from an Italian who has lived in Naples, Rome, Aachen, Chicago, and now New Hampshire!”



Fabio highlighted that the most important thing is to listen to your customers. He mentioned the Voice of Customer (VOC) program at SolidScape and the amount of time invested in meeting, listening and understanding the needs of their customers. He said, “We take away lessons about what works and what doesn’t. That fosters customer intimacy and drives our continuous improvement initiatives. We improve our products, offer new opportunities for our people and build a solid foundation for the future, not for us, but for our customers.”

“Stay true to your vision and values.” Fabio stressed. “Remember the customer is at the center of all that you do. Everything else will come if you stay focused. It also becomes a fair measure of your success, beyond the more obvious financial results that, by the way, will follow.”