Innovation Spotlight: Datanomix Automated Production Monitoring by Datanomix

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Product Description:
Based in New Hampshire, Datanomix provides real-time production monitoring and performance analytics for CNC machines, without the need for operator inputs or links to ERP systems. Datanomix’s mission is to level the data analytics playing field for industrial manufacturers by giving them robust decision-making tools so they can proudly build world-class products.

Problem it solves:

Precision manufacturers are struggling to use data to understand their operations in real-time. Existing solutions require operator input, and provide very little context to the information delivered to manufacturers. Datanomix automates real-time insights into production without the need for operator input. By providing the right information at the right time, as well as deep insights into overall factory performance over time, manufacturers enable a visual factory that puts everyone on the same page and increases productivity and profits.

Why is New Hampshire a great place to innovate?

New Hampshire has a rich tradition of getting things done while staying humble. This is the perfect environment for a company that wants to build things that deliver impact to their customers while creating a company culture that works for employees and customers.

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