Innovation Spotlight: PassPort by QA Cafe

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Product Description:

PassPort is a fully automated solution for testing the connectivity and interoperability of IoT and Smart Home devices. With the ability to run testing 24/7 with guaranteed repeatability, you can easily validate your implementations and prove interoperability prior to deployment.

What problem does the product solve?

IoT and Smart Home products are connected devices, and that connectivity is the critical component of having a successful product that meets consumer expectations. However, testing and validating a product’s connectivity, interoperability, and long-term stability is tedious and expensive when companies have to test manually or develop their own test cases without being experts in the technology. PassPort provides everything a developer needs to immediately identify problems and quickly resolve issues at every stage of development.


Why do you think New Hampshire is a good place to innovate?

New Hampshire has a strong culture of innovation with proximity to major universities, communities of entrepreneurs, and beautiful and welcoming places for our employees to live and thrive.

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