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This week’s Member Monday features QA Cafe. Founded in 2001, QA Cafe is a dynamic software company composed of experts in networking, consumer electronics, and security. We develop industry-leading network device test solutions and network analysis tools for business use while providing our customers with world-class support. Our products include: CDRouter – the industry-standard test solution for broadband gateways and Wi-Fi routers CloudShark – a secure solution that enables network and security teams to organize, analyze, and collaborate on packet captures PassPort – the world’s first connectivity test solution for IoT and smart home product developers.

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Why was NH chosen as the home of your company/branch? What do you love about New Hampshire?

Many of us have lived here or settled here for quite some time. A good percentage of the QA Cafe team comes from the University of New Hampshire. We had operated out of Portsmouth, NH until 2021, and have since moved our office to the Chinburg Mills in Dover.

What are some recent accomplishments or milestones of your company?

We recently launched our PassPort test solution for IoT and smart home product developers. Leveraging our comprehensive networking expertise, PassPort helps companies build better IoT and smart home products faster and with increased confidence that their products will work and work well when deployed in a network. PassPort users have access to hundreds of test cases right out of the box that can validate their product’s connectivity, stability, and security, particularly over Wi-Fi connections. The IoT/smart home market has suffered because a lot of consumers are frustrated with reliability and interoperability, and a sizable source of those issues come from connectivity issues. We’re very excited to help the industry with PassPort!

What new and exciting things do you have planned? Or tell us a fun fact about the company.

About 80% of us are former students or employees of the University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Laboratory, where we gained our skills in computing, networking, and business. We love to explore our respective communities with things like blind pizza, wing, or taco competitions, and you can probably “run” into any one of us taking a daily run!

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