Matt Albuquerque: Next Step Makes Its Mark

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Seeking a better patient care model for amputees, Matt Albuquerque opened the doors of NH-based Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics (formerly Next Step Orthotics and Prosthetics) in 1996.  Next Step was one of the earliest businesses to embrace the vision of the Manchester Millyard, moving their headquarters there in 2002. Since the company’s inception, Matt and his team have been recognized locally and nationally for their innovation and excellence through their development of cutting-edge technology and patient care solutions. As a result, Matt was recently named as the 2018 NH High Tech Council Entrepreneur of the Year. Matt recently shared his success insights with us.

Why New Hampshire?

Look around you. It’s happening. We’re just a short walk away from one of our key partners, DEKA, and minutes from the team at CMC (Catholic Medical Center). Innovative and successful companies are moving here every day. The energy in our small but mighty business community is amazing, not only in the medical field and tech but in so many other industries. When I look at our company’s growth journey and the success we’ve enjoyed, our New Hampshire location plays a big part — not only its terrific business climate but the exceptional quality of life we can offer our employees here. Why not New Hampshire?

It’s About People

Next Step currently operates in three locations with 32 employees, some of them amputees themselves. Since we opened our doors, we’ve been privileged to fit over 4,300 patients with new limbs. But that’s not enough. “Next Step” isn’t just our company name. It’s a challenge to ourselves to never be complacent, to always ask ourselves the hard questions. Are we truly meeting the quality of life needs of our patients? What can we do to improve, innovate, and raise the level of overall patient care? For me and the team, it’s about the whole person and improving the quality of life for each and every patient. I’m happy to report that, with the great contributions of our patients, partners, and team, we are making a difference.

One important example is our partnership with DEKA in testing and fitting the revolutionary LUKE Arm. It’s a prosthetics game-changer that is already improving lives.  In fact, we’ve been privileged to partner with innovative tech partners across the country to make long-needed improvements to the fit and function of artificial limbs. Other highlights I’d like to share are:

Matt Albuquerque, Chuck Hildreth – Patient, and Dave Beauchemin – Certified Prosthetic Orthotic Assistant at Next Step
  • Our collaboration with Catholic Medical Center (CMC) to develop the Amputee Management Program(AMP), an integrated, multi-discipline, treatment approach to amputee care that begins before surgery.
  • Working with innovative surgeons on new ways to integrate human and technical capabilities for more intuitive and natural movement of artificial limbs.
  • The recent expansion of our care base to international patients and providers who want to benefit from our innovative technology and compassionate treatment approach.

Words of Wisdom

Lean forward. Funny thing about the mechanics of leaning forward. It forces you to take the next step. It’s what we’ve always done. Leaning forward brought us to the Millyard over 15 years ago, and it’s what led to our collaborative partnerships with so many

The Next Step Team enjoying a fun night of bowling together.

organizations and companies that share our passion for excellence and care. I haven’t always had all the answers, but I certainly have asked the questions. And it’s the questions that have led us and our partners to those “impossible” and innovative solutions.


What’s Next?

How much time do you have? There is so much on the horizon. The field of prosthetics is just beginning to break free from centuries-old conventions. We intend to keep driving for better and better patient outcomes through improved technology and patient care models one step at a time, one person at a time.