Cyborgs and Internet-Powered Trashcans: Entrepreneur Forum

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By Matt Benson, attorney, Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson, PLLC

The Entrepreneur Forum, one of the Council’s longest-running events, offers networking with experienced entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as an opportunity to learn about a New Hampshire-based company and its business challenges. The Entrepreneur Forum has undergone format changes and has evolved over the past year while continuing to be a valuable event for presenters, panelists and audience members alike. Among other changes, the Entrepreneur Forum now includes only one primary presenting company, and has shifted focus to companies farther along in the growth cycle.

The event provides an opportunity for a growing company in New Hampshire to present to a panel of experts and the audience on a business issue the company is facing. Issues range from how to build out a new sales channel, to how to tackle a new market, to employee growth and retention. The goal of the event is to provide the presenting company with expert feedback, as well as feedback from the audience, in order to help the company address their business issue and continue growing. Entrepreneur Forum also provides plenty of time for networking with the company presenter, panelists and attendees. The event includes a skydive pitch by a startup company. The skydive is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to quickly introduce the company and discuss the company’s product, market and growth plans.

The most recent Entrepreneur Forum was held on November 8 at FIRST, and featured Senet, Inc. as the featured company, and Cyborg, Inc. as the skydive. Tim Near, founder and CEO of Cyborg, Inc. kicked off the evening by discussing his startup and its plans and aspirations for the future. Brad Martin, COO of Senet, Inc. discussed challenges his company faces as an Internet of Things (IoT) company. Followed by questions from several audience members, the November Entrepreneur Forum was interesting and engaging and we look forward to seeing what 2018 brings for the Entrepreneur Forum series.

Tim Near, founder and CEO of Cyborg, Inc. presenting his skydive pitch.