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John Gargasz, EFNHInnovative Organization of the Week

John Gargasz
Advisory Council Member, Entrepreneurs’ Fund of New Hampshire

Founding Member, 10X Venture Partners


In A Nutshell . . . Tell Us About Your Startup Resource.

EFNH logoEFNH connects entrepreneurs and not-for-profit leaders in New Hampshire.  Not-for-profits are encouraged to take risks and innovate their programs through the Amp Grant award. 

amp award winner photoNot-for-profits are also introduced to the idea of pitching their mission, quickly communicating the issues that they address and their unique capabilities to address them, just as for-profits do when looking for capital. Conversely, for-profit leaders are introduced to social entrepreneurs and the challenges that they are addressing in the state.  Often times, for profits leaders become integral contributors to the philanthropic fabric of New Hampshire and long lasting relationships are formed between entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

Who or what was your best resource in helping your program get off the ground?

EFNH’s founding members worked closely with the nh-charitable-foundation-logoCharitable Foundation to make EFNH a reality.  The New Hampshire charitable foundation continues to provide the staff and administrative backbone that is integral to EFNH’s success.

What does the future look like?

EFNH has grown year-over-year from a single, state-wide event in Manchester to three events around the state in 2016.  We have learned that philanthropy is hyper-local.  People want to support not-for-profits in their communities and entrepreneurs are no different.  We look forward to continuing to grow the committed group of entrepreneurs that comprise our membership and to expanding our reach more deeply into not-for-profits across the state.  As a start-up ourself, we will adapt to reflect what we learn and to ensure our relevance with both our entrepreneur members and not-for-profit leaders.

How can people get involved?

We are always looking for entrepreneurs to engage with EFNH, whether they are building the next great technology company to call NH home or a more traditional business.  We view it as a chance to give back, but also to learn.  Many EFNH members have shared that they get more out of the experience than they give.

Learn more about EFNH and the Charitable Foundation here.