Meet Innovator Kevin Cahill of HealthyKart

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Kevin Cahill

The 30-second pitch

Grocery stores are a maze of perfectly packaged foods awaiting our consumption. Our evolution has created a disconnect; We have lost our fundamental understanding of a nutritional, well-balanced diet. The solution: HealthyKart; a universal dietary analysis platform for every household, free of charge. By providing a nutritional dietary analysis for every shopping experience; we will track, educate, support, and empower, every shopper. Here’s how it works: HealthyKart will provide the service to the grocer for free as a value add, enriching shopper/grocer relationship. The grocer’s point of sale system will drive product data to the HK cloud. From there, the algorithm will produce a score from one to ten, one being the lowest, ten being the highest. The score will be printed and intuitively placed on the bottom of the receipt. Download the free app and view your dietary analysis.  Now you have a personal dashboard to view the strengths and weaknesses of your household’s nutritional balance. HealthyKart will suggest alternatives and supply shoppers with incentives to build a healthier cart. No longer will the consumer have to scan products, read labels, and upload product data. All you have to do is shop, checkout, and stay healthy!

What are your best resources?

A good idea has little value if you don’t properly execute.  People are our greatest resource as an early stage start-up. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of professionals carving out bandwidth to drive our product to market.  Industry leaders have proven invaluable in steering HealthyKart to an innovative business strategy, along with supporting our non-disruptive educational approach. Institutions like New England College, University of New Hampshire, Alpha loft and New Hampshire Tech Council, have provided resources to drive early-stage scaling.

What is your biggest obstacle?

Universal dietary analysis is a big idea and big ideas bring big obstacles. Maintaining patience and focus are the most powerful ways to remove most obstacles. At this stage of development all barriers to entry have been removed. The final hurtle is finding the partner/partners to fuel the fire.

Who has given you the best advice?

The best advice I’ve received came from Brenda Hambleton (C&S Wholesale Executive) very early in development.  “No exclusivity” and “build a national initiative to health and wellness.” Brenda clearly understands the magnitude of the problem HealthyKart is addressing. She remains on our advisory board and continues to help steer HK to fruition.

What about NH lifestyle appeals to you?

Where do I get started?  I have spent all of my adult life here in the Granite State married to a fifth generation native. New Hampshire’s eco-diversity provides an environment for exploration, a necessity for creating a lifestyle with balance. A day in the mountains, an evening on the seacoast, what’s not to like.

What do you see as the company’s future?

Technology has opened the door for HealthyKart, now it’s time to leverage it. With a global market of three billion households, technology will enable us to bring nutritional clarity to every shopper. We have our sights on a deep blue sea.