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This week’s Member Monday features EduPivot LLC. EduPivot LLC is a learning agency that caters to small and mid-sized companies, offering services in corporate education. EduPivot LLC helps organizations with learning strategy, eLearning development, and LMS implementation, all for the purpose of boosting organizations’ workforce skills, talent acquisition, retention, and overall organizational success. EduPivot LLC excels in learning strategy and conducts thorough learning needs analyses. Their expertise extends beyond content creation and system implementation, ensuring that they understand and address the unique learning requirements of any organization.

Why did you choose New Hampshire as the home of your company, and what do you love about NH?

Living, working, and growing a business in New Hampshire offers incredible opportunities. A challenge persists, however, in workforce development, with many small companies who have between 10-200 employees. This size bracket often means that these businesses may not have the scale to invest heavily in internal learning and development initiatives. However, these companies are large enough to invest in workforce learning (eLearning), especially as workforce learning relates to upskilling, talent acquisition, and retainment. What do I love about New Hampshire? The people! I’ve met so many people who are highly educated and self-reliant, striking a workforce-relevant balance between hard work and smart work. Also, I meet so many people who are keenly aware of local politics, local sports, and the intricacies of the local economy. It’s all motivating stuff!

What are some recent accomplishments or milestones of your company?

We have recently shifted from freelance work to operating as an actual agency!

What new and exciting things do you have planned? 

I am excited to contribute to workforce development in New Hampshire, and promote New Hampshire as a great state to conduct business in.


For any inquiries or more information, please reach out to…

James Aird

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