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Michael Behrmann
Director of NH Clean Tech Council




Please provide your 30-second pitch about your company.

NH Clean Tech Council New Hampshire Clean Tech Council is proud to assist startup clean tech companies by providing opportunities and resources to all those interested in clean tech and the burgeoning clean economy. We can assist in navigating the sometimes complex regulatory and incentive landscape, linking startups with potential funding sources and providing them with a clearinghouse of information to help establish their business. Moreover, we provide our members and the public with a voice in the State and beyond that advocates increased awareness and discusses the potential for the clean tech and clean energy industry right here in NH.

What niche are you filling?

As the clean tech industry grows in New Hampshire and nationally, NHCTC is filling the need to place adequate attention and support for the industry. Whether through assisting startups looking to crack into the clean tech industry, helping to find capital for existing clean tech companies to grow, or being a voice in Concord for the industry as a whole on legislative matters, NHCTC is helping to expand the presence and awareness to one of the most exciting industries to come along in our lifetime.

NHCTC members attending discussion
NHCTC members attending a listening session discussing the current challenges with our electric grid and the ongoing efforts to modernize the grid infrastructure.

Why is NH a great place a clean tech business to start and grow?

New Hampshire is perfectly situated within a region squarely focused on innovative solutions to our energy and resources needs. Combining our high quality of life, well educated populous and the New Hampshire advantage with an industry primed and witnessing exceptional growth results in a recipe for success for NH and beyond.

What’s your vision for the future of the NHCTC look like?

NHCTC and our members are hopeful New Hampshire can continue to grow this important sector of our economy and become a hub for new clean tech businesses. We are striving to make sure we capitalize on the expanded growth of the clean tech industry and are strategically equipped to assist those businesses, community leaders and legislators in understanding the potential of this industry and the need for a clean and efficient economy. We will continue to develop opportunities to bring about this result and to be the go to resource for all things clean tech.

How can people (clean tech businesses, ecosystem partners, or interested parties) get involved?

We are thrilled to offer all interested parties the ability to get involved. Whether through membership involvement, assisting in policy or legislative efforts, or attending one of the many events we hold open to the public, we welcome anyone interested in clean tech and clean energy. If you are a clean tech or clean energy business and not already a member we would love to speak with you. Our membership is continually growing and we would love to be a resource for you. Additionally, if you are simply an individual or company that wishes to help see this fantastic industry grow in our great State please consider becoming a Friend of NHCTC. All of these memberships can be found at our website


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