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Employee Benefit Market Trends for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Our speakers will provide small to medium size businesses with employee benefit updates, including offering benefits for the first time. Market trends and understanding the differences between homegrown systems versus standard technology as well as recognizing when it is time to make a change. They will also cover how to automate the full lifecycle of

TechWomen Power Breakfast: Becoming a Role Model and Learning to Communicate STEM to Non-scientists

1.) Easy tips for communicating complicated STEM topics to broad audiences - Shana Hawrylchak, SEE Executive Director What is the takeaway?  The importance of concepts over facts. Developing your hook.  How do you keep the interest of your audience? When do you introduce new vocabulary, and when is it just jargon? Avoiding oversimplification fallacies.  When

NHTA Innovation Summit Day 2: Startup Panel

On Day 2 of the Innovation Summit we'll sit down with founders who are in the growth phase of their businesses. They'll discuss growth trends, the challenges along the way, 

TechWomen Power Breakfast: Implement cost reductions while having 100% business connectivity

Each month throughout the year, an amazing group of women (and men) comes together to network, share inspirational stories, grow professionally and personally and bring awareness to what is possible for women today. Our breakfast series starts with networking via this innovative new platform followed by a presentation following. Learn more about the TechWomen|TechGirls initiative

Financial Planning and Modeling for Startups

Without strong financial planning, you can’t put your startup in the best position to succeed. But in a dynamic startup, a static budget will leave founders guessing. A comprehensive and adaptable financial model lays the groundwork for you to reach your business goals through accurate forecasting, in-depth scenario planning and proper expense management. Learn how

Begin 2022 with Everything in its Place: Managing your Family’s Legacy

As we kick off the New Year, let’s look at how we can be more organized to relieve some of the stress for all the roles we play.  As professional women, we are responsible for so many things – including much of the finances and administration for ourselves and our families. How can we use

Hiring and Job Hunting in the Virtual World

Job Hunting In Today’s Remote World Nearly two years ago the business world made a major transition & more companies than ever have decided to embrace the remote workforce. But